Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Folger Levin LLP

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Corporate and Real Estate Law Firm

Folger Levin LLP

199 Fremont Street
20th Floor
San Francisco, California 94105

Phone (415) 625-1050

Website https://www.folgerlevin.com

Folger Levin LLP Overview

We are committed to the practice of law as a profession. We strive to achieve the twin goals of excellence and cost efficiencies by staffing our matters with small, focused teams of superb attorneys and by creating internal structures that reinforce our commitment to client service.

We are tied together by shared professional values. At the core of those values is the belief that the practice of law is foremost about serving others.

We embrace the responsibility and challenge of helping clients solve their most difficult problems, and we find our professional fulfillment in delivering sophisticated, exceptional legal services, taking pride in our ability to do so cost-effectively.

We believe that the practice of law is a service for the public good. That’s why so many of our lawyers commit themselves to service that benefits our community.


Folger Levin LLP Areas of Law

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